On October 15 my new book, Washington’s Shadow, will officially be released.


The book is a fictional story about real people, based on the original correspondence of a man who lived through the revolution, loyally served George Washington, and knew him personally for over thirty years. It’s a story of romance, nation building, the attraction of the west, the price of violence, and the role of politics and politicians. It’s also about the influence of George Washington on the people who knew him.

The following is an brief summary of the story:

Jane Powell, daughter of Leven Powell, cares for her widowed mother while waiting for the return of her betrothed, George Morgan White Eyes, who disappeared out west.  Jane thinks George is dead, killed by agents of Thomas Jefferson. Jane’s father, Leven Powell, supported Washington from the beginning of the revolution and served with him at Valley Forge. Washington saw that Leven, for his services, received warrants for land along the Ohio. Leven gave these warrants to his oldest son, Billy.

When Jane’s two brothers visit their mother  after Leven’s death, they find Billy, recently back from the west. He’s being threatened by thugs and is anxious to get back to Ohio. He tells his brothers that George Morgan White Eyes is alive and plans to return to Virginia to visit Jane.

Billy leaves for Winchester, where he expects a confrontation with the thugs. There he meets George Morgan White Eyes and joins forces with fighters from Ohio. Billy’s brother Cuthbert, mayor of Alexandria, sends militia to help, and his brother Burr, member of Virginia’s General Assembly, goes to Winchester hoping to negotiate a settlement.

Sally, Leven’s widow, and her house servants anxiously send their grandchildren through the woods to Winchester to find news of Billy. These four teenagers, two boys and two girls, make it through the dark woods but survive attackers and are rescued by a mother bear. By the time all principals get near Winchester there are several hundred armed men ready to face each other in battle.