Last week I was interviewed by Natalie Joseph, reporter with the Daily Press about my forthcoming presentation at the Blackbeard Festival on June 3.

Here is the article:

Natalie Joseph, Contact Reporter

May 30, 2017, 12:10 PM

It’s still a few days away, but Williamsburg author Barbara McLennan already has her eye patch and pirate costume ready to go.

She’ll be dressed in a muscat hat, pirate tunic, belt and sash with a skull on it. The goal is to emulate the subject of her new book: Blackbeard.

McLennan is set to present an interactive lecture 1 p.m. Saturday at St. John’s Church Parish Hall (100 West Queens Way in Hampton.) The presentation is in conjunction with Hampton’s annual Blackbeard Pirate Festival. Her presentation will show photos of the ships, people and homes Blackbeard encountered during his life.

“I want to do it this so people have a sense that people did dress differently and they had a different attitude towards meeting other people,” McLennan said. “My presentation is designed to tell them what we know about Blackbeard versus what we don’t really know.”

Her new novel “The Wealth of A Nation: Blackbeard’s Legacy” is the final novel in a trilogy of historical fiction about Virginia’s early settlers.

The author five books, McLennan is a docent at Jamestown Settlement. McLennan is known for her historical and colonial period novels, which include the trilogy’s “The Wealth of Jamestown” and “The Wealth of Virginia.”

“The Wealth of A Nation: Blackbeard’s Legacy” also focuses on a character that grew up throughout the series. It follows the point of view of 18-year-old Benjamin Harrison IV and his relationship with Blackbeard.

According to McLennan, the novel took two years to complete. She said she spent a year and a half researching and six months writing. The novel has a strong emphasis on the truth behind Blackbeard, McLennon explained. Because Blackbeard is mostly considered mythological, she admit that researching and writing was a difficult task.

“Very few people really know that much about him,” McLennan continued. “It’s really been corrupted by Hollywood and Disney. He didn’t look anything like Johnny Depp but I can see why it’s entertaining.”

McLennan hopes the book showcases who Blackbeard was and his influence on America.

The book will be released Aug. 21. McLennan says she plans to read a few sections during Saturday’s lecture and some copies will be available for purchase at the Hampton History Museum gift shop.